(Roget's IV) v.
1. [To work together]
Syn. unite, combine, collaborate, concur, conspire, concert, pool, join forces, act in concert, stand together, hold together, stick together, team up, show a willingness, comply with, join in, go along with, make common cause, unite efforts, share in, second, cast in one's lot with, take part, be a party to, collude, connive, act jointly, work in unison, interact, participate, work side by side with, side with, join hands with, fraternize, play along with*, play fair*, throw in with*, fall in with*, be in cahoots*, chip in*, pitch in*, stand shoulder to shoulder*, pull together*, play ball*; see also agree , join 2 , unite 1 .
Ant. act independently, differ*, diverge.
2. [To help]
Syn. contribute, second, espouse, uphold, befriend, succor, lend oneself to, share, lend a hand, go out of the way for, assist, relieve, reinforce, promote, further, forward, advance, sustain, back up, stand by, side with; see also encourage 1 , help 1 , support 2 .
Ant. hamper, hinder*, harm.
(Roget's 3 Superthesaurus) v.
comply with, go along, work with, accommodate, aid, collaborate, pull together, *play ball, pool resources, help, contribute, further.
ANT.: oppose, undermine
(Roget's Thesaurus II) verb To work together toward a common end: collaborate. See CONFLICT.

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